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  • Premium Vitamin C

Premium Vitamin C




Premium Vitamin C plays a vast range of biological roles in the human body, working as a major antioxidant that is crucial for supporting healthy oxidative stress and fighting free radicals, energy production, and immune function. Deficiencies result in susceptibility to infections by weakening the immune system and adaptive antibody response. Supplementation with Premium Vitamin C supports overall well-being by promoting healthy cell function. 

Benefits of supplementing with Premium Vitamin C:

• Promotes healthy immune function
• Supports healthy oxidative stress 
• Supports cognitive function
• Supports healthy neuronal processes
• Supports healthy cortisol balance
• Promotes healthy collagen synthesis

Dosing: Take 1 scoop taken 2 times daily mixed in your favorite drink (we recommend at meal 1 & post workout) or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Servings per container: 30

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