Meet the Team

About Us

The PHAT Muscle Project is a family owned business created by John Gorman, Jay Gorman and Leslie Franklin. John and Leslie have spent years in the fitness community working with people of all shapes, sizes, genetics, builds, goals, desires, and dreams to achieve their BEST physique or potential.  They realized that 99% of people who train in the gym are not genetically elite, and they are constantly striving to overcome odds to become their best version of themselves.  The PHAT Muscle Project is a movement that salutes that 35 year old mom working to lose 30 lbs, or that skinny kid who has trouble putting on muscle, and yes even body builders who step on stage or elite athletes.  We are ALL our own project to become our best, that's what being part of the PHAT Muscle Project signifies.  

After first starting out as an apparel company, we quickly realized that we had an incredibly supportive customer base. We began thinking of new ways to better help those working on their PHAT Muscle Project. On May 23, 2020, we decided to take the next step and began offering the highest quality of supplements at a price that would not break the bank.

We are firm believers that nothing is stronger than being part of a team that inspires each other to achieve new heights and become better every single day.  We feel you, we are all putting in the work, together.  Please meet the PHAT Muscle Project owners and staff as they live this lifestyle right along with you through different paths and avenues.  John, Jacob, and Leslie look forward to going on this journey with you all!

Mission Statement

The mission of The PHAT Muscle Project is to be a part of your physique enhancement journey of achieving GREATNESS and results by providing the highest quality supplements and education possible at an affordable price for everyone.

Vision and purpose

The vision and purpose of The PHAT Muscle Project is to create an everlasting community and connection with every customer.  As we all grow together, we will give back in various ways as a way of saying thank you and as a way of supporting you on your journey of achievement.



John Gorman, BS, MA, CPT, PHAT Muscle Project Owner & CEO

John Gorman (BA, MA, CPT), is the owner of Team Gorman, a company that works with a wide variety of people ranging from professional bodybuilders, crossfit athletes, powerlifters, high school wrestlers, the mom of 3 kids looking to get into shape, athletes trying out for the NFL, and more. John's bodybuilding clients have won over 400 times to include multiple World Championships, Pro show wins, overalls, and as a Coach has won 15 Team Awards. John is the host of the Elite Physique University podcast, owner of The Phat Muscle Project supplement company, former owner of 2 Anytime Fitness locations, owner of the Physique Summit Conference, a 4x best-selling author, and proud family man and father to his two boys. You can reach John by following him on Instagram @team_gorman.



Leslie Franklin, CPT, CNWC, IFBB Pro, Graphic Design/Apparel/PHAT Muscle Project Coach/Athlete

As a personal training and Nutrition & Wellness Consultant I love teaching others the importance of good nutrition, supplementation, and working out.  Hearing my clients stories about how much better their lives are since they began eating right and working out is an amazing feeling knowing that I was a part in their journey to a healthier life.  I LOVE helping others reach their goals of stepping on stage and helping them achieve their best bodies ever!

I have been an athlete all my life since age 6 when I began gymnastics.  I have always competed in some sort of sport, starting with gymnastics then track and field, cheerleading, collegiate soccer, 5 K’s, 10 K’s, half marathons, powerlifting, Crossfit, and on stage as a physique athlete now as an IFBB Pro.

My highlights as an athlete are winning numerous powerlifting meets and world championships while setting world records, placing top 100 in the world in the Crossfit Open Online Qualifier 40-44 category, and competing as both a natural pro figure competitor and now soon to make my IFBB Pro debut in the wellness division. 

I currently train at Crossfit Republic and love competing in Crossfit competitions all over the Midwest. I am also head coach of the Special Olympics Powerlifting program in the Springfield Mo area.



Jacob Klessens, RD, LD, CPT.  PHAT Muscle Shipping Department/Social Media/Registered Dietitian/Sponsored Athlete  

My name is Jacob Klessens and I am a Registered Dietitian. I received my undergraduate degree in Dietetics at Missouri State University and completed my 1200-hour supervised practice with an emphasis in sports nutrition. I am also an all-natural professional bodybuilder who competes in classic physique. My goal is to inspire and teach others using both my nutrition and fitness background, and to assist them in reaching their desired health goals. I am proud to be part of the PHAT Muscle Project family, as I know I will be representing a brand who genuinely wants to help those in need.



Lisa Franz - M.Sc. Exercise Science, Health Promotion & Nutrition, Nutrition Coach, Owner of Nutrition Coaching and Life

After personally struggling with various restrictive diets, I learned about Macros and Calories and from that point onward, it has been my quest to continue to learn as much as I can when it comes to nutrition and to pass that knowledge on to as many people as possible.

For me, finding the correct way to eat for my aesthetic goals and my lifestyle has been a huge liberation and I want to show others that food should enrich your life - allowing you to reach your dream physique, to experience culture, to perform to the best of your abilities - and that food should not be the cause of guilty feelings, fear around social settings or travel, health issues etc. 

I love being able to connect and collaborate with likeminded people like John and the rest of the Phat Muscle Project team, people that make it their mission to give and to help others live healthier and happier lives!


Jason Wells, PHAT Muscle Project Sponsored Athlete  

Meet Jason Wells, Jason started his health and fitness journey in 2017 weighing 445 pounds. Since then he has lost a ton of body fat and gain muscle sitting at 239 pounds currently. Jason has found a passion for helping others have the same success as he has. He is also a business owner in the Springfield area owning 3 Midas locations and 1 Anytime Fitness location. When not working he spends time with his wife and 2 sons. He enjoys helping others to reach a sustainable healthy lifestyle and takes a lot of pride in encouraging everyone he meets to be better than they were yesterday. He spends his time away from the fitness industry running several youth sports programs around the area.



Cliff Wilson, Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Contest Prep Coach, PHAT Muscle Project Sponsored Coach

Cliff Wilson is a professional natural bodybuilder and one of the top physique coaches in the industry who has coached physique athletes in over 30 countries. Using a combination of scientifically proven methods and newer, experience driven techniques, Cliff's clients have amassed over 120 pro cards, over 90 professional titles, and 13 world champions.  

He is the co-author of the book "Bodybuilding: The complete contest prep handbook" which has been sold worldwide and translated into 4 languages. Cliff also hosts presentations and seminars around the world having spoken in places such as Greece, Singapore, and the UK.


Dr. Peter J. Fitschen, PhD, CSCS, PHAT Muscle Project Sponsored Coach

Pete is the owner of FITbody and Physique, where he works full time as a contest prep coach. His combination of education and experience are unique in the sport of bodybuilding. He has a PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Illinois, a master's degree in biology with a physiology concentration, and a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse. As a researcher, Fitschen has co-authored 21 peer-reviewed publications, including several directly related to bodybuilding contest preparation. Peter also recently co-authored his first book, "Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook," with Cliff Wilson.  He is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and sponsored PHAT Muscle Project Coach. He has been competing in natural bodybuilding since 2004, won his natural pro card in 2012 and recently wrapped up his 2020 contest season.


Billy Conklin, PHAT Muscle Project Sponsored Coach

I originally became John Gorman's client about 5 years ago and had no clue what I was doing with nutrition, but wanted to do a bodybuilding competition. After my first prep, learning more on nutrition became an obsession and very quickly a passion. I couldn't learn enough. I attended seminars, online classes, and listen to podcasts daily to learn as much as I can.

I went on to earn a Precision Nutrition Certification and started taking on clients. Paired with what I continued to learn from John, I had a very solid base to form my coaching off of.

I've been coaching clients for 3 years now and love every aspect. I love helping general population clients learn how to accomplish their fitness goals without unrealistic restrictions! (#flexibledieting)

After a few years of competing, I personally won my natural OCB Men's Physique Pro Card. About the same time, I began coaching natural bodybuilding/physique prep clients and helping them get to stage at their best!


Ryan Irwin- Sponsored Coach

Ryan Irwin is the owner of Impact Action Coaching and is a full time nutrition and fitness coach that has been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years. His area of expertise is helping clients incorporate their health and fitness goals into their lifestyle, setting them up for long term success while still hitting their goals.

Over his 20+ years of coaching clients, Ryan has worked with countless numbers of individuals helping them get their physique and health to their all time best ranging from winning professional bodybuilding competitions to losing over 100lbs. He has a BS from Iowa State University in Exercise Science and multiple certifications over the years of continued education.

Ryan is also a natural pro bodybuilder himself, competing since the early 90’s, winning his first overall title in 2006 and his pro card in 2009. Having recently won the IPE Pro Masters Cup in St Louis he is currently training for his next contest season. Between bodybuilding competitions, he is a competitive powerlifter and holds national records. He also has spoken at many seminars alongside other fitness professionals including Cliff Wilson, John Gorman and
Peter Fitschen. Ryan also is a published author.

He currently is the president of the NANBF and IPE where he humbly serves working to grow the sport of natural bodybuilding. Ryan also owns Natural Iowa Muscle LLC and has been a contest promoter since 2003. When not working with the board or at one of his contests, you can find him helping out at a bodybuilding competition as an emcee, judge, expeditor or urine collector.

Ryan and his wife Mandee live in Iowa, where they enjoy racing cars with their son, real estatem investing and tending to their chickens. 

Jenn Yarbrough- Sponsored Athlete

I'm not your typical 'sponsored athlete' in the sense that I do not fit a mold. And I'm not ashamed of that because I feel like most of the world can relate to that feeling. I don't have 6 pack abs, and I'm not shredded... but I can probably kick your ass shooting fish 40 feet underwater on one breath of air. 

In this industry, there are a lot of people chasing after the title of "athlete." An athlete is defined as: A person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise or game requiring physical skill.

That can look very different from person to person. 

For me, I am an outdoor athlete. I was born and raised in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and spent my entire childhood outside. Whether that was ripping across the desert on my dirt bike or teaching people how to snowboard... I was OUTSIDE.

I came to Missouri in 2010 after graduating San Diego State University when I was introduced to hunting by my boyfriend Dusty, who is now my husband. Since I was so new to the midwest, I didn't know anybody, so I joined a gym. GREAT place to make friends, by the way. I was introduced to bodybuilding there and shortly thereafter started training for a figure show. I still have never done anything as hard prepping for that stage. I learned a lot about myself, my body and most importantly, my health. 

Stepping on that stage was amazing, and is something that I have a huge respect for. But I also learned that that wasn't quite the life for me. Even though I completely LOVE weight training, and continue to do so, I don't have plans to be back on stage anytime soon.

My competition is outside, and more specifically underwater. I train in the gym so that I can perform outside. Breath hold activities like freediving require a certain amount of physical ability, as you can imagine. Being able to pull back 50+ pounds on a compound bow over and over and over again to perfect that shot is not for the weak. Im always trying to improve on things and try new things. This year, I took up mountain biking and am ate up with it.

I currently hold 3 world record fish (International Underwater Spearfishing Association) taken on a speargun and am in hot pursuit of making that number bigger. I've been blessed to have taken four beautiful 8-9 point whitetail bucks with my rifle and was able to harvest my first archery buck in 2017. Dusty and I also do a little bit of duck hunting in there too. I thoroughly enjoy being able to fill my freezer with the absolute most organic food there is and spending time outside!


Tony Andonoff- St Louis Sales Rep/Sponsored Athlete

I have trained with weights for over 30 years but I started to see some major changes in the Fall of 2017 when I finally paired training with tracking macros and proper supplementation. This was a game changer for me. I lost body fat and my body composition drastically changed. In the Summer of 2018 I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show at age 49. I was only 8 weeks out when I made this decision. I didn’t place as well as I had hoped but this gave me the fire to try again. In 2020, I hired John Gorman as my coach and I learned so much from him. I placed 1st in my Master’s Division. I love the discipline and focus it takes while prepping for a show. Both my wife and I live a healthy lifestyle and love helping others with our actions. We have a passion for helping others achieve their goals through fitness, diet, and proper supplementation. 

Grant Cain- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Project Coach

My name is Grant Cain and I am a certified strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. I am a former NCAA division 1 baseball player and now currently a natural bodybuilder competing in both classic physique and men’s physique. 

I have been coaching and training for 6 years and specializing in strength and conditioning for dancers (specifically ballet) and other athletes as well. I have experience working with Professional Dance Athletes as well as NHL players and many other athletes of the collegiate/high school level. 

I began working with John Gorman in 2019 and began using Phat Muscle Project Supplements from the beginning and can firmly say they are the best I’ve ever used! I highly recommend this brand to anyone out there from the advanced athlete to beginners. You can’t go wrong!

Alison Hager- PHAT Muscle Coach, CPT and Group Fitness Instructor

My name is Alison Hager and I have been in the fitness industry now for 10 years. I started my personal journey after losing 90 lbs. My goal started out to just lose weight, but found what life was really about after taking control of my health. I have ran 5 half marathons, several 5 and 10 Ks and now work one on one with clients to regain their health. I love specializing in weight training and nutrition and also helping clients prep for bodybuilding shows.  My desire for knowledge has helped many men and women change their lives and I look forward to more opportunities to help clients achieve their personal goals. 

Jace Lopez- Owner Apex Training Gym, Online Coach, PHAT Muscle Sponsored Coach

Jace Lopez is an online coach for contest prep and general population clients and also the owner of The Apex Training Gym where he and his team of personal trainers coach clients to move, eat, and live a healthier lifestyle. He's been online coaching and personal training for 6 years and having a background in bodybuilding, strength sports, college football, MMA, and crossfit has shaped the way he builds and coaches client's programs and mindset for attaining their goals. Jace says "I have incorporated Phat Muscle Project since John first launched his supplement line and have had nothing my success with my clients recovery, hormone levels, energy, and sleep. These are the best supplements I’ve ever used and it’s great having a one stop shop for all my clients supplemental needs." 


Steph Casella- Owner Showcase Training, PHAT Muscle Sponsored Online Coach and Personal Trainer

My father once said, “When you love what you do for the daily grind, it doesn’t seem like work. Figure out what you LOVE to do and DO IT EVERYDAY!” He was right. My father, a College football coach at the University of Nebraska, where I was born and raised, instilled a love for physical activity and sports. I
remember the first time he took me into a weight room to start teaching me how to properly lift weights. From that day, age 12, I was hooked. That love stayed with me through sports in high school, college, and has continued to be a constant in my daily routine.

In 2009 I moved to Kansas City with my husband and 3 kids. I continued to lead group fitness classes and personal training clients and athletes at Golds Gym. It was a big box gym with some serious weightlifters. I quickly found a strong motivated lifting partner and made it my goal to lift half of what he was lifting on each movement. It pushed my limits daily and left me wanting to not only gain more muscle, but also more knowledge about the human body. One of my personal goals was to compete on a national level with figure competitions. I knew that I had a decent amount of muscle, and the determination to follow this goal until it was fulfilled. I competed on 17 different stages earning my pro
status after just 2 shows and winning my first pro show at my 3rd competition. I loved this sport so much that my desire was to share it with others.

I started Showcase Training LLC for personal training and a competition team in 2011. I continue to train and coach others to set goals, eliminate fears, and achieve milestones they deemed impossible. This leadership role has been an honor and blessing in my life, and hopefully a blessing also to the athletes that have trusted my process. Watching the body transformations, witnessing the personal bests, seeing clients step foot on stage, or run their first marathon, has brought me pure joy. It has been just as rewarding as any medal, trophy, or
accomplishment in my own journey. I plan on continuing to strive to become a better version of myself everyday in and out of the gym for the rest of my days.



Mandy Harris- BS, NASM CPT, Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach

My name is Mandy Taylor Harris. I am the owner of Fierce Fitness in Lawton, OK. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, and Certified Nutrition Coach.  

In 2009 I began Fierce Fitness, as a BootCamp class and quickly grew into personal training, group training and nutrition coaching as I found my niche and discovered a huge need to provide an alternative to women seeking a more accepting gym culture. I specialize in Women’s Fitness and Nutrition, offering everything from beginning level sessions to sport specific training. I partner with other specialists in the area to provide a network of experts to meet the specific needs women have.

Gymnastics began my love for fitness at age 5. I competed throughout my childhood as well as playing softball, tennis, swimming, and cycling. I also loved being in the weight room. In college, I competed in triathlons and later half marathons. In 2014 I competed in my first bodybuilding competition and fell in love with the sport, competing in Figure 2014 and Physique in 2015 and then trying powerlifting in 2016. After a string of injuries, I have taken an extremely long off season and have since been coaching. In 2020, I became a Promoter for the NANBF, hosting my first show, Native Naturals.

Supplements are the second most asked question I get, from bodybuilders and average gym go-ers. After meeting John, and learning about his approach to supplementation, I am so excited to finally be able to recommend a line of supplements that I feel confident about.

I look forward to this partnership. I believe it will enhance my abilities to provide the best services to all of my clients and athletes. 


Felicia Montgomery- Gym Owner, Pro Bikini Competitor, NSCA/USAW Coach and Nutrition Coach

Felicia Montgomery is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach, NSCA certified tactical strength and conditioning coach, USAW level 1 weightlifting coach, functional movement coach and nutrition coach.  After working for several years in banking regulations, she made the decision to pivot in life and pursue her passion, fitness and health.  Since then, Felicia has spent her time learning and growing in both education and experience, coaching competitive bodybuilders, first responders, athletes from the high school to professional level, powerlifters, and Olympic weightlifters.  She also coaches many general population individuals, helping them achieve their fitness and health goals, and works with individuals who suffer from injury or health issues, bridging the gap from rehabilitative care to full recovery.    

Felicia competed in her first bodybuilding show in 2009.  She earned her pro card in 2014 at the Natural Southern States Classic, and competed as a pro in 2014 and 2015 before deciding to hang the heels up.  She has also competed in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, but she plans to return to the stage at some point.   

In 2020, after being involved as a judge and athlete, Felicia became a promoter within the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF), co-promoting the Native Naturals and T-Town Showdown.   She also owns and operates Kaizen Strength Systems, a 24/7 gym in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Felicia is excited to partner with PHAT Muscle.  “Health and fitness is such a personal journey.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a top notch athlete looking for that 1% improvement or you’re just starting, it requires trust in your coach.  Working with individuals to truly change their lives and seek continual improvement means I have great respect and influence, which I don’t take lightly.   I’m grateful that people trust me, and I’m grateful that I have a source for supplements I believe in and recommend without feeling like I’m jeopardizing my integrity.  I use many of these products myself and recommended them to clients and friends long before I was ever affiliated with the line.”

Ryan Woodall- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Project Coach

My journey started out a lot like everyone else. I had lifted weights my whole life, but never had my diet right. I went to the 2010 Missouri Bodybuilding Championships and met John Gorman for the first time and watched his clients compete. It lit a fuse in me and my motivation in the gym was at an all time high. That October I hired John Gorman to help me, and I went from 242 to 180 in 6 months and was in the best shape of my life. A couple of years later I started helping people do the same with my company Woodall Weight Loss Solutions. Now I’ve been blessed to train over 6700 people in the last 9+ years. I have a degree in Science, and worked for 25 years in the highest level of healthcare until I resigned from University of Missouri in 2014 to dedicate all of my time to my clients and their success. I wanted to be a part of the Phat Muscle family because of the high quality of their supplements and how great all of their flavors taste. Myself and my clients love the products, and I’m honored to be on this team promoting them. It allows me to have a high class company for my clients to get all of their supplement needs met. 


Ryan Kopas- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Project Coach

Hey! My name is Ryan Kopas, Owner of HOGFitness LLC Personal Training. Currently, I am training in person in Springfield Missouri at Anytime Fitness, or am available online at or @HOGFitness on Instagram. I have worked hard over the years of coaching to create a client focused training style that incorporates all aspects of life, including nutrition. This has helped me to create a HOGFitness family that includes anyone and everyone. This HOGFitness family includes anyone who is wanting nutritional or exercise guidance, or a simple check in on how life has been going lately. What started as helping my friends, and coaching for free, just to chase the experience has turned into my full time job. I could have never imagined the direction everything would take and how quickly HOGFitness would grow, nor the lifelong connections I have already made along the way. I want to make sure anyone, of any age or lifestyle background, can reach their goals and live a long, healthy life!

I now coach clients from all over with varying backgrounds (police, doctors, nurses, military, coaches, competitors, MMA, just to name a few!). I have worked hard to build a business that truly promotes fitness and nutrition as a lifestyle. This means taking care of people’s health in all aspects, not just physical.  I worry just as much, if not more, what my client’s quality of life will be in their 80’s as to what they will look like for this year’s competition or family vacation. Fitness should be available for anyone looking for it, and all stages of life should be enjoyed.

My goal is to provide the guidance to allow anyone to have that freedom, without the guilt or intimidation that too often accompanies the fitness industry. Our job as coaches is to help people. They trust us with their goals and dreams, so the least I can do is always be learning to better myself for them. Everyone deserves to live their best life.


 Isaiah Bawek- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Project Coach

Hey! My name is Isaiah Bawek and I’m the owner of my personal full-time online coaching business Built Elite Training LLC. I’ve been coaching now for 6 years and train a wide range of people in the areas of law enforcement, military, past athletes, dancers, and your general gym population. My training takes place through my custom-Built Elite Training App, where I coach people here in my home state of Minnesota and in the past Germany.  I have multiple certifications that include NPTI, Precision Nutrition and Dr. Layne Norton’s advance fat loss courses. As well, have taken a handful of John Gorman’s classes to further my education. I’m also the host of my own podcast “The Wolf Mentality Podcast” where I discuss topics on training, nutrition, and overall mindset with my audience that I have around the world.  I did 6 years in the military as a 11 Bravo Infantry Solider and spent time in Sweden training with the Swedish Army. Did multiple trainings in the heat of 117-degree weather in the Mojave Desert which helped me become so disciplined within my own life and training regimen. In 2019, I gained my pro status as a natural men’s physique competitor in the IPE and gained my pro status through the OCB in 2022 as a natural men’s physique competitor. I’ve been using Phat Muscle Projects supplements for some time now both while in prep and in the off season for adding muscle, hormonal optimization, and general health. I’m so honored to be on this team promoting them and giving my clients the best, high class products out there!


Calvin and Brooke Masters- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Project Coaches

Calvin and Brooke Masters are the owners of Masters Fitness- a company that focuses online coaching with athletes and people at all levels of fitness. Calvin is an NCCPT, certified personal trainer. He is a mens physique competitor and is a top 5 National Level NPC competitor. Brooke is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is a bikini competitor with both NGA and NPC. Calvin and Brooke work together training both fitness competitors and individuals who are looking to lose weight. They use what they have learned with competitors to develop customized plans for their clients that have “tried everything” to finally get the results they are looking for. 


Bryan Berkland- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Coach

Bryan Berkland is the owner of TeamBerkland and is a full time contest prep coach. 

Competing and coaching since 2008 Bryan earned his pro card in 2015 and has placed top two in all pro contests including one victory.  

TeamBerkland athletes have earned 40+ pro cards, close to 20 pro wins, and 4 world titles. 

Bryan’s passion for the sport led him to begin promoting drug free bodybuilding events in 2019 and he currently co-promotes 5 events across 4 states in the Midwest for the OCB. 

Being an active Brazilian Jiu Jistu competitor Bryan holds a brown belt under Professor Mauricio Carra. 

The most significant thing Bryan has done thus far is being a father to his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and a partner to his loving fiance.


Shelly Sanders- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Coach

I have a degree in Psychology as well as the following certifications; Elite Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and Group Training. I’m the owner of All The Above Fitness LLC and currently train online as well as in person at Axis Fitness and Nutrition in Longview Texas.


I have been training and teaching for over 20yrs. I taught my first step class 28yrs ago and I fell in love with helping others. One year later I had my first client and I’ve been doing it ever since.


I competed in Figure for 6 yrs as well as trained athletes in figure and bikini. In 2019 I walked away from competing and focused on my passion which is helping general population women. My heart is helping women who have tried diet after diet and have never been comfortable with their bodies or their relationship with food. As a mother of two I understand the struggles that so many women face. Watching my clients gain confidence and teaching them that food is not the enemy brings me so much joy. 


Being in this industry as long as I have I have seen and experimented with so many different techniques. My training is really based on a variety of all the tools I have learned over the years and continue to learn as research continues.



Josh Michaelis- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Lead By Example 2022 Recipient

Josh was awarded the first ever Lead By Example award at the 2022 PHAT Muscle Customer Appreciation event, receiving a 1 year sponsorship.  Josh bleeds PM and has been a huge supporter since the beginning.  Here's more on Josh:

I started my weight loss journey in 2017 at 215 lbs.  I wanted to make a better change in my life, be a better father and to live a healthier lifestyle.  I want to inspire others, help the next person to be better than they were than yesterday. 

I am the Food Service Administrator at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield Mo.  I am in charge of feeding 1,025 inmates three meals a day.  My responsibility is purchasing menu items for the following diets.  Regular mainline, heart healthy, kosher & halal religious diets, renal diets for the dialysis patients, puréed, and other therapeutic diets. I do all of this on $4.01 a day per inmate.  I supervise 12 cook supervisors, one Assistant Food Service Administrator and one Food Service Administrative Assistant.

I have been with the bureau of prisons for 16 years and I have been working at the fed med as the food service administrator since May of 2021.

John Yobst- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Coach

John started his coaching journey in 1991 and was the third person to open a personal training studio in Connecticut in 1998. In 2005 he purchased some commercial property and moved Lean Physique into a larger facility and is still in operation at that facility today.

Johns education background was in sports medicine including 1200 clinical hours working in athletic training settings in various colleges/universities and physical therapy clinics. In addition to that he holds numerous fitness/nutrition certifications as well in addition to his years of experience.

In the late 90’s/early 2000’s John developed and taught fitness curriculum for the AAAI/ISMA as well as traveling the country teaching at their conferences certifying personal trainers. Also during that time frame and into the mid 2000’s he was the fitness correspondent for the nbc station in Connecticut recording numerous stories at his training studio with one of the health reporters/doctors.
John has also been published in fitness magazines in various stories. John lead and instructed a health and fitness course for University of phoenix professors/staff.

John has worked with a vast and diverse clientele over the years: from professional athletes in such leagues as the WNBA, MLB, and even Grand Prix motorcycle racing.  He has helped people of all ages, from teens
to elders in their 80’s, helping them lose weight and increase their health.

Since 2014 Team Lean Physique has won over 135 natural pro cards in bodybuilding competitions across two countries, 5 federations and in every division.

He has been involved in competitive bodybuilding since 1991 as: a competitor, coach ,judge, and head judge for multiple federations.

John’s passion for fitness has allowed him to spend his life truly doing something he loves.  He finds it meaningful to be helping people and passing his knowledge on to others in the field. One of the distinguishing attributes of Team Lean Physique is the degree to which members actively support one another; both competitively as well as personally.  John has also mentored a large number of personal trainers and bodybuilding coaches over the years as well.



Ramona Temple-Gonzales- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Coach

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a great passion for fitness; the challenge and  competitive nature of being better than you were yesterday thrills me. As a mother, I watched my three children excel in a variety of sports requiring different levels of skill, endurance, physical activity and fitness. I learned early on that many can be blessed with talent, but true success comes from consistency and dedication. My children went on to achieve multiple Cross Country, Football, Baseball  and Wrestling “All-American” state titles. This mindset not only shaped my parenting, but also served as the foundation in which I’ve built my health & fitness lifestyle over the last few decades.

I embarked on my personal fitness journey twelve years ago. After raising children and sitting back and watching them shine, I knew I had to step up and be the role model they would need in adulthood. I competed in my first figure show at age 39. During my 2nd show I won my pro card an hour before I became a “Gigi.” From then, I continued on the path of competing in at least one show a year for several years. I craved the discipline and challenge of improving year after year, show after show. So much of my motivation came from the strong desire to see how hard work during my off-season would come into play when it was time for prep.

Along this journey of making health & fitness a lifestyle and not just a temporary endeavor, I’ve realized how much I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and make positive changes that infiltrate into all aspects of their life. I became a personal trainer 8 years ago, and opened my own company called RTG Fitness. Some of my very first clients are still with me today. This lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint and I am blessed everyday to have the opportunity to help others and, in return, receive so much satisfaction from knowing I had a hand in their fitness journey.


Kerri Ferris- Sponsored PHAT Muscle Lead By Example 2023 Recipient

They say life begins at 30, but for me, it was at 34. Holding an interior design degree, I was accustomed to creating beauty in homes, but my own health and well-being felt neglected. That's when I decided to step out of my comfort zone in 2022 and into the gym.

With John Gorman's guidance, I embarked on a bodybuilding journey that transformed not just my physique, but my entire outlook. Immersed in the world of nutrition, dedication, and supportive communities, I discovered a passion I never knew existed. Each rep, each calculated meal, became a brushstroke on my canvas of self-improvement.

The payoff? 9 top 2 placings in my first season, the Karl Schneider Sportsmanship Award, and an IPE Figure Pro Card. But the real reward is the journey itself – the relentless pursuit of progress, the supportive community I've found, and the newfound confidence that radiates from within.

So, whether you're sketching dream spaces or sculpting your ideal physique, remember: growth happens when we embrace change. This is my story, a testament to the power of stepping outside your comfort zone and discovering unexpected passions. It might not be bodybuilding for you, but maybe it's something else entirely! Just remember, the journey starts with a single step.


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