• Premium L-Citrulline
  • Premium L-Citrulline

Premium L-Citrulline




Enhance your workout and supplementation with PHAT Muscle Project Premium L-Citrulline!  Research shows L-Citrulline in 6 or more grams supports nitric oxide production to maximize your strength deep in your sets and increases in cell swelling/muscle pump.

Stack For To Maximize Performance. 

Combine 1/2 scoop Premium L-Citrulline with either PHAT Muscle Project #HardToKill pre workout or #Bulletproof non-stim pre workout for extra pump and power.

  • 6g L-citrulline per serving
  • Contains 40 servings
  • Unflavored


Suggested use:  MIX 1 scoop in your favorite drink 30 mins before a workout, or combine 1/2 scoop with your pre workout 30 mins before you workout.

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