• Beta-Alanine
  • Beta-Alanine





Enhance your workout and supplementation with PHAT Muscle Project Beta Alanine!  Research shows Beta Alanine dosed daily at 2-5 grams improves performance by reducing fatigue, increasing endurance and helping you push harder deep in your workouts.  Beta Alanine increases Carnosine to fight off lactic acid allowing you to get to a whole new level during training.

Research shows these benefits of taking PHAT Muscle Project Beta Alanine:
- Improves Workout Performance
- Reduces Fatigue
- Increases Endurance

Suggested use:  MIX 1 scoop in your favorite drink twice daily, 1 of which is recommended 30 mins before a workout.  To stack, simply combine 1/2 scoop with your PHAT Muscle Project pre workout 30 mins before you exercise and/or 1/2 scoop with PHAT Muscle Project EAA's during your training session.

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