• Advanced Ketogenic Dieting Class Recording

Advanced Ketogenic Dieting Class Recording

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Advanced Ketogenic Dieting Online Class

$125 (regular price was $250)

In this class I will show you the protocols that I have specifically designed and dialed in for my clients over the years.  I have been using ketogenic protocols since 2007 and have learned so much about the different set ups, approaches, situations to use and not use, and a ton about what works and doesn’t work very well.  This system is bulletproof and you will be able to set up your own ketogenic diet or use it to set up plans for your clients.  I will cover numerous topics to include how to get into ketosis, measure it, offseason use, coming off keto, carb ups, and much more.  I will be lecturing using a PPT presentation and the recording will conclude with a full hour of answering all attendee questions at the end.  Run time is approximately 2 hours.

When you purchase you will be sent a link to have lifetime access to the class recording, the PPT presentation, and the Q&A

What you learn:


  • Types of ketogenic dieting.
  • Myths/facts that everyone should know.
  • Full protocol for coaches and athletes to accurately set up protein/carbs/fats.
  • Understand when to use a ketogenic protocol, when not to, and where it shines.
  • Learn about supplements that are must haves for ketogenic dieting.
  • Advanced ketogenic protocols.
  • Understand how to read a glucometer and keto sticks to see levels of ketones.

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